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Becoming conscious of hurtful patterns and being willing to change those patterns is the greatest gift we can give children. — Dr. Becky Bailey
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Grow With Us began in 2006 as an innovative learning center that prioritizes parenting as the driver for child development. In 2013, Grow With Us took the next step in its own growth and launched itself as the first brain-based developmentally appropriate cooperative school, Grow With Us Academy. We continue to offer a variety of parent workshops, professional trainings, and parent-child educational classes through a natural, hands-on, caring environment. The foundation of the academy is Conscious Discipline® developed by Dr. Becky Bailey, which focuses on brain development and how the state of mind affects behaviors and learning. It puts the social and emotional needs of the child first. At Grow With Us Academy, a child is offered many opportunities to build on their self-worth, increase self-control, and develop social competence during our daily routine. Current brain research has shown when a child’s emotional needs are met first, learning can then occur at its highest potential. With the help of high qualified and trained educators, children are guided, with love and encouragement, to learn skills to function from their highest brain state. Once the child is functioning from their highest brain state, our focus is on Language and Literacy Skills, Math and Science concepts, learning through play/problem solving, increasing attention and cooperation, and creating a foundation for a love of learning.

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