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While we try to teach our children all about life, children teach us what life is all about.
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Parent & Child Classes


New Bees (0-6 mos.):  This innovative class is designed especially for new babies (pre-crawlers, 0-6 months) and the adults who care for them. Together with your baby you will play games, experience loving rituals, and participate in a variety of activities to ensure a strong connection that will last a lifetime. This class will introduce you to new ways of effectively responding and interacting with your baby, while acquiring skills and language to support healthy emotional and physical development.

Relaxed Rabbits (6–12 mos.): In addition to the above, acquire developmentally appropriate games/activities to help stimulate all aspects of growth for your baby while building a unique connection with your child.

Breathing Bears (1–2 yrs.): Promote social, emotional, and language skills to encourage positive interactions with peers and caregiver in a fun and innovative class.

Kind Kangaroos (2–3 yrs.): Focus on social and emotional development, through language skills to promote turn taking, empowerment, and awareness of others through a variety of age appropriate activities.

Helpful Hippos (3-5 yrs.): Encourage positive social skills by working together through activities that incorporate fine and gross motor skills, and Conscious Discipline® language to enhance awareness of others and their feelings.

Connecting Caterpillars (siblings 2-6 yrs): Interact with your children while encouraging sibling connections, respect for each other, and effective communication to promote a safe family environment.

All classes at Grow With Us incorporate Conscious Discipline® language to educate and assist you in becoming the most effective parent possible, all while wiring your child’s brain for success.