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It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.
— Albert Einstein
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Enrichment Programs

     At Grow With Us Academy, one of the ways we provide the community and our students supplements to their educational experience is through our Enrichment Programs. Inspired by the Sparks Program, these individual classes are meant to broaden a child’s understanding of themselves and the world around them through teacher led activities. We offer different classes each day of the week from 1:45-2:45 pm with both Fall and Spring registration available. Enrollment is open to all children, regardless of whether they are students at Grow With Us Academy. Enrichment is also included as part of our Extended Learning Program. The Enrichment classes we are offering for Fall 2016 are as follows:


Art History and World Cultures

Children will learn about the world and the importance of self-expression as they create their own works of art inspired by history, from cave paintings to modern art. This class consists of developmentally appropriate activities that can serve as launching points for artistic exploration and expression, while introducing them to historical art figures and different cultures all over the world. In addition, we will be exploring different art forms such as photography and mosaics and the elements of design such as color, texture, and pattern. Children are gently guided through artistic creation and will use new, different materials to further their understanding and deepen their engagement in the artistic process.

Mondays with Gina, $255 ($30 materials fee included in price)

January 30 – May 22 (NO CLASS 2/20 & 4/10)


This enrichment is geared towards project based learning through observation, inquiry, and making predictions, further developing their natural curiosity. These sensory experiments will give the children a fun, hands on opportunity to experience their world in many different ways. From engineering concepts such as levers , ramps, and pulleys, to physical science concepts such as liquids and solids and magnets, children will explore utilizing safe and developmentally appropriate experiments designed to challenge them and expand their thinking in regards to the world around them.

Tuesdays with Sasha, $260 ($20 materials fee included in price)

January 31 – May 23 (NO CLASS 4/11)

Music and Movement

Research has shown that in early childhood development music helps a child’s brain make the connections needed for virtually every kind of intelligence. It improves phonological awareness, promotes language, spatial reasoning skills, and much more. Children will explore and sing along to musical selections that introduce a variety of different tonal and rhythmic meters, learn to keep and follow a beat through drumming, stomping, dancing, and create their own instruments to take home. In addition, they will incorporate dance and physical activity such as yoga, which will enhance flexibility, strengthen muscles, and improve balance and coordination.

Wednesdays with Yohanna, $260 ($20 materials fee included in price)

February 1 – May 24 (NO CLASS 4/12)


This enrichment class is an introduction to the Spanish language through fun and engaging activities such as singing songs, reading books, and arts and crafts all taught in Spanish. With the help of gestures and visuals the students will begin each class with Brain Smart Start and Music time. Lessons and activities will begin with teaching them to introduce themselves, perform basic social skills, naming body parts, colors and numbers, etc all in Spanish.

Thursdays with Melissa, $260 ($20 materials fee included in price)

February 2 – May 25 (NO CLASS 4/13)

Book Club

Now that we are in such close proximity to the Pinecrest Library, we can offer a book club enrichment! The teachers will safely escort the students once a month to the library where they will explore the library, learn how it is organized, and focus on a  variety of genre such as fairy tales, nonfiction, fables, and folktales. Once the books are chosen and checked out, the books will be utilized at school in other activities to explore concepts such as characters, settings, making predictions, and main ideas utilizing arts and crafts, imaginative play, and dramatic representation.

Fridays with Gina, $225

February 3 – May 26 (NO CLASS 3/24 & 4/14)