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The Story of Grow With Us Academy


“Your thoughtfulness and wisdom are great gifts. I am optimistic that your work and vision and that of others will make a real difference in children’s lives and futures.” – David Lawrence Jr; president of The Early Childhood Initiative Foundation, leading national advocate for children.

Testimonials from Parenting Experts

“Grow With Us Academy is a leading school modeling the best in early childhood education and Conscious Discipline. Join them or visit to see the most current research on children, brain development, and learning in action. It’s the best I have ever seen!” – Becky A. Bailey, Ph.D., founder of Loving Guidance LLC, developer of Conscious Discipline, and an internationally recognized expert in childhood education and developmental psychology

Testimonials from Parents

This school is by far superior to any learning center in Miami. Mindy Becker created an environment where children learn, explore, and socialize with proper guidance and care. The keyword here is “care.” Children need to be nurtured in order to succeed in cognitive, developmental, fine and gross motor skills. Grow with Us Academy provides the aforementioned and more! My daughter is flourishing after being bullied at her previous school and it is due to Mindy Becker’s genuine passion for kids, her expertise, and Conscious Discipline background, 20 years plus. Thank you for helping my child resurface from her horrible experiences at her previous school.

Natasha Bruck – Therapist

L.C.S.W A.S.W.B., C.C.R.T., I.F.M.C.P.

Did you know?

  • The latest studies have shown that Emotional Intelligence is the number one indicator for reaching your optimal success in life, above IQ, SAT Scores, and academic achievement?
  • The experiences and connections made in the first 5 years of your child's life wires their brain, impacts behaviors, and determines their interactions with others?
  • Five Reasons to “Grow With Us”

    1. Innovative child led preschool and Kindergarten curriculum fostering creativity, confidence, and independence.
    2. Teachers & Parents committed to raising the educational bar through igniting a new way of thinking.
    3. Caring and structured school environment focused on building connections while facilitating learning.
    4. Tools to handle conflict that can change your entire family dynamic in a more positive and harmonious way with the use of Conscious Discipline®.
    5. Skills that teach values and responsibilities to apply in all aspects of life.