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If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn. — Michael J. Fox
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Schoolwide Implementation

Step by Step Plan in Implementing Conscious Discipline®

Step 1: Introductory – $500

Onsite Introductory two (2) hour Workshop with Staff/Faculty Members

The director and one (1) Teacher (pick the one that is strongest and most enthusiastic and open to CD) spend two hours at our preschool to see Conscious Discipline in action.

Step 2: Begin Building Your School Family – $875

Onsite three (3) hour workshop on Building your School Family with entire staff

Lunch and Learn: Pick a minimum of two (2) teachers or a maximum of four (4) teachers to come spend the day at our preschool from 8:45am to 2:00pm.  They will have lunch provided (Mexican food or Pizza, can also bring their own lunch) where they will reflect on what they have observed, have a Q&A session, and begin discussing an Implementation Plan.  

*We highly encourage at this step to have teachers join our 7-part series ($375 per person, teachers receive a $25 discount).  With a commitment of Step 3 we will offer an additional $100 discount to each teacher that participates ($250 each teacher).

Step 3: Conscious Coaching – $475

A Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor (CDCI) will come spend one (1) hour in each classroom of each of the teachers that has already attended the Lunch and Learn (minimum of two (2) teachers, maximum of four (4) teachers).  Coach will observe, model, and offer support to the teachers while in the classroom.  

There will then be a one (1) hour follow up meeting that same day onsite.  If needed for another day, meeting will then take place at our facility. This meeting will allow a reflection period where CDCI helps the teachers observed strengthen their skills and/or begin implementation of new classroom structures.

*At this step we open up the option to schedule the “Growing Your School Family” offsite workshop to the entire faculty within three months of Step 3’s completion.

Step 4: “TAG! You’re It” Coaching Process – $400

Once your teachers feel strong in a specific structure or skill, a CDCI will observe the classroom as an evaluator.  Following the classroom visit, the teacher and CDCI will notice and reflect on the Classroom structures, language and intent that the Teacher is effectively implementing.  This evaluation will be based using a Rubrics System that will determine the teacher’s readiness to teach it to others in your school.

School teacher will then TAG (Teach-Add-Grow).  Because we believe that what we offer to others we strengthen in ourselves, the classroom teacher will first “Teach” another teacher in their School Family a skill or structure that they are strong in and “pay it forward”.  They will then “Add” a new structure they are willing to implement to boost their Conscious Discipline journey.  Lastly they will “Grow” by self-reflecting with a handout that will be provided, on any challenges they have faced in implementation and/or what they view is their biggest opportunities for growth.  

Follow up Visit with CDCI and the process begins again with a new group of teachers, possibly the ones that are recommended by the TAG.

Add Ons:

Growing Your School Family Workshop $550 

Three (3) hour off-site workshop for entire Faculty, to be requested and scheduled after Step 2 and/or 3 has been completed.

Parent Onsite Workshops are available at a discounted rate of $400 ($100 discount) for schools that have begun the implementation plan.