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The way we treat our children directly impacts what they believe about themselves. – Ariadne Brill
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Parent Coaching

One-On-One Coaching

Now more than ever we could all use a little support!

ASKING FOR HELP IS A SIGN OF STRENGTH                                                                                                   

Our parent coaching sessions (Multiple or Single Sessions available) are designed to offer you support, knowledge, and inspiration so that you can be the best YOU for your family.  You will share your challenges with Mindy Becker (Parent & Professional Coach) and feel heard as you connect and reflect. She will provide you with insight into some of your parenting patterns and relationships, in order to help you begin to make changes that can affect you and your entire family. During the sessions you will learn new strategies, and strengthen specific skills based on your individual needs. One-on-One parent coaching sessions are the perfect way to address behavioral concerns/challenges unique to your family. We offer 2 options for your family to choose from, Multiple Sessions or Single Sessions.

Multiple or Single Sessions 

All Sessions via Zoom

Multiple Sessions

Our first session (30 min) we will Connect about your biggest challenges and concerns. Our second session (1 hour) I will Coach you based on specific situations you record and share with me. I will provide you with strategies and language for you to begin implementing. The third session (30 min) we will reflect and follow up to Clarify everything we have discussed and create a plan for your next steps.

3 Sessions = 2 hours for $250.00


Single Sessions

Our one hour session will address anything you want to discuss. You will send an email with a brief description of what you want to cover and the ages of your children. I will provide strategies and language based on your specific needs.

1 Session = 1 hour for $150.00



I have known Mindy for only three weeks and she has already changed my life and my relationship with my two-year-old daughter. My daughter was acting out and I was at my wit’s end. I came to Mindy and signed up for her Connected Parents workshop and later one-on-one parenting sessions. I began to employ some of her techniques and almost immediately, they began to work. Her techniques are meant to help teach children to regulate their emotions. In the process, I am learning to regulate my own emotions. If you, like me, are someone who wants desperately to connect to their child and they think they are doing everything right but not getting results, then Mindy may be your answer.

Sandra K.