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We spend years educating ourselves for our careers, but when it comes to parenting – our most important job – we're expected to just know what to do with no formal training. — Mindy Becker
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Parent Workshops

Introduction to Conscious Discipline®: This 2-hour workshop is designed to introduce and provide an overview of Conscious Discipline® created by Dr. Becky Bailey. You will gain insight on how our state of mind affects our behaviors, understand the benefits of a love-based discipline, the negative effects of a fear-based discipline, and leave with parenting techniques you can implement immediately.

7-part Series Level I Conscious Discipline® Workshop: Joys of Parenting Made Easier Using Conscious Discipline® is an introductory series that will be an overview of the seven discipline skills and the seven powers of self-control from Conscious Discipline®. The advanced workshops will build on this information using more practical information.

7-part Series Level II Conscious Discipline® Workshop: (Completion of a Level I workshop is required for participation). This series will provide a variety of role playing scenarios, interactive games, and many hands on activities to enhance your knowledge of the 7 skills and 7 powers of Conscious Discipline®.

Q & A Parent Workshop: (Completion of a Level I workshop is required for participation). This 2-hour workshop is designed to address individual issues by providing feedback in a discussion format. Each participant is required to present two written questions to the facilitator prior to attendance. Involvement from all is encouraged to help strengthen skills and techniques by offering support to others.

Study Club: Are you craving more Conscious Discipline® in your life? If so, join like-minded people as we take our journey to a deeper understanding through open discussions using Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline, by Dr. Becky Bailey, as our guide. We will celebrate success stories, discuss positive experiences, and bring more clarity to your practice as we delve into the 7 Skills & 7 Powers one step at a time. We will continue to meet about once every 2 months.