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“Discipline is not something you do to children, it is something that you develop within them.” -Becky Bailey
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About Conscious Discipline®

Here at Grow With Us Academy, we strive to provide the best school environment for children so they can learn at their highest potential. The preschool founder, Mindy Becker, is a Loving Guidance Associate and National Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor who has presented both in the United States and Internationally, including at conferences such as NAEYC. We are the only preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten in South Florida endorsed by Loving Guidance and Dr. Becky Bailey that utilizes Conscious Discipline® as our primary approach. All teachers and administrators are trained in Conscious Discipline®, developed by Dr. Bailey, which is a research based comprehensive self-regulation program that combines social and emotional learning with discipline and guidance. Built on a foundation of current brain research, the School Family™ is constructed from safety, connection and problem-solving. This approach scientifically and practically empowers both adults and the children in their care to transform conflicts into opportunities to learn critical life skills such as:

  • Identifying and understanding one’s own feelingsbecky_bailey
  • Managing the expression of emotions and impulses in a constructive manner
  • Regulating one’s own behavior
  • Developing empathy for others
  • Establishing and sustaining relationships

“Grow With Us Academy is a leading school modeling the best in Early Childhood Education and Conscious Discipline. Join them or visit to see the most current research on children, brain development, and learning in action. It’s the best I have ever seen!”

-Dr. Becky Bailey

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