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It's in the in between that the real magic happens. The seeds are planted, the roots take hold... and we blossom into who we were meant to be.
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Our Place

Grow With Us Academy is a model preschool for Conscious Discipline and is the foundation of our entire program. Our exclusive program focuses on teaching the WHOLE CHILD (family included): socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.
We base our curriculum on a combination of different curriculums with a strong focus on High Scope (play-based, child-centered, and grounded in research). Our day is very structured with many opportunities for your child to make choices and explore. The daily routine alternates between passive and active activities that help wire your child’s brain for success! Our low student to teacher ratio allows us to focus on empowering children with skills they can use for life to handle conflict, get their wants and needs met appropriately, and feel their feelings in a healthy way.
Our Preschool is located on an acre and a half of land in Pinecrest where we have an abundance of nature at our fingertips. Pinecrest Gardens across the street, along with our outside play areas, provide amazing opportunities for learning. Children enrolled in our school use our playground and the indoor obstacle course to develop their gross motor skills. Our teachers engage the children in a variety of outside activities to explore sensory-based learning while promoting team building/working together, creativity, and much more.

Grow With Us Academy was designed with love and thoughtfulness as we considered the needs of our families. Prior to dropping off, the parents connect with their children during the morning rituals in our Brain Lane, which is one of the areas the children explore during the day. We have two main classrooms, one for part-time children and the other for full-time children. At certain times of the day, the children explore all three rooms and each play area, (Imagination Station, Building Zone, Sensory Spot, Art Café, and Brain Lane). This is when the part-time and full-time children interact as they connect, create, explore, and PLAY with materials from each specific area! Our home away from home, offers families a warm and inviting environment for all to grow with us.