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The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. — Robert M. Hutchins
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Preschool (2-5 years)

Grow With Us Academy is a first-of-its-kind preschool for children ages 2-5 years old; it is a home away from home where each child is an important part of our “School Family”. Our focus is on the social and emotional development of children to ensure they are learning at their highest potential. The foundation of our program is Conscious Discipline and the core curriculum we use is based mainly on High Scope, with a strong focus on Language and Literacy. We incorporate Handwriting Without Tears to ensure the children are exposed to letter awareness and strengthening their fine motor skills. Math and Science concepts are integrated within our daily routine.

At Grow With Us Academy…

Your children will learn how to connect and empathize with others while safely getting their wants and needs met in a small school setting.

We will empower your child to make choices and promote independence throughout the school day.

We create a structure for the children in our preschool program that provides predictable routines and sets limits to ensure success during our daily activities.

We believe in using the child’s brilliance and interests to plan for certain activities while we teach using all modalities of learning.

We provide life-long tools to manage stress, feel their feelings appropriately, and handle conflict in a school environment where they feel safe.

We intend to equip the child with the ability to consider his or her own needs and the needs of others, to confidently ask for what they desire, to realize they have the power to create and that they choose their own thoughts and experiences.

Our “School Family”

In order to be a true School Family, we live by the motto “We are all in this together!” Our preschool educates both the child and parents with the innovative concepts of Conscious Discipline, which is based on current brain research. Each parent will receive coaching and strategies to handle everyday discipline issues and how to respond to conflict situations.

We educate others how to…

  • de-stress
  • build connections
  • handle conflict
  • become assertive
  • cooperate with others
  • provide choices
  • offer encouragement
  • and much more

Based on our knowledge of child development, our approach to parent involvement is unique. We encourage new families to stay during our daily routine for as long as the parent and teacher feel is appropriate to ensure a successful transition.

Once the parents begin our 7 part series, they are welcomed to volunteer in their child’s classroom to learn, observe, and participate. We believe in including parents in the learning process by encouraging them to join our classrooms to help bridge the connection between home and school.

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Our family has been with Grow With Us for 3 years and it has been so special and life-changing! It has given us more confidence as parents and has helped our children develop deep connections with one another, all while nurturing their love of learning! Conscious Discipline has impacted our entire family in such positive ways, as we see our children more conscious, emotionally intelligent, and assertive. Being at Grow With Us has helped set our children up for lifelong success and happiness. We’re grateful to have found you all!

-Patricia & Orlando