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Testimonials (School)

Our family has been with Grow With Us for 3 years and it has been so special and life-changing! It has given us more confidence as parents and has helped our children develop deep connections with one another, all while nurturing their love of learning! Conscious Discipline has impacted our entire family in such positive ways, as we see our children more conscious, emotionally intelligent, and assertive. Being at Grow With Us has helped set our children up for lifelong success and happiness. We’re grateful to have found you all!

— Patricia & Orlando

We feel very lucky and privileged to have had the opportunity to spend two wonderful years with GWU.  The experience has been nothing short of sensational.  Stella is such a loving, smart, empathetic soul and we owe a whole lot of that to Mindy and the incredible teachers she’s had over these last 2 years.

— Clavero Family

I just have to say that there is no preschool like Grow With Us! I feel that my daughter has been given the life skills which are necessary for success in all areas of her life as the focus is on social emotional intelligence, which is one of the most important every day real life skill that needs to be mastered at an early age!

Perhaps the most important life skills revolve around one’s ability to communicate assertively and lovingly with others and oddly enough that is not taught anywhere else…except hopefully at home…except that most parents and people in general are never taught these skills at all!

That leads me to praise the school even more because the parenting workshops also give parents the necessary skills needed to most importantly stay calm in stressful situations and to help a child most likely to choose to listen and make better choices…the result is we are raising emotionally conscious, considerate, assertive children with high self-worth and self-esteem!! This creates balanced, successful children who are more likely to deal with the stresses of life optimally and be successful teenagers and adults! Preschool is the most important time to learn these things since the brain is continually growing, new neural patterns are being formed and developed!

Not only have I seen incredible benefits this school has given My little girl but I too have been given important and very valuable life skills as well which has helped me tremendously in all areas of my life from being a leader and a boss, to being a more conscious parent and individual and even friend and daughter!

The teachers are the most loving and conscious I have ever seen and they ensure a safe, loving, conscious, constructive and positive school environment which is to be treasured and valued forever!!

The transition Sienna made from preschool to kindergarten has been extremely smooth! Her teacher now at Palmetto Elementary says she has a great attitude and is very kind and helpful and balanced.

Thank you Mindy for changing our lives and giving us the most important life skills we will ever need to have a positive, beautiful relationship together and for Sienna to grow up into a balanced, positive, empowered, confident adult!

I will always be grateful to Mindy, Kris and Jenny and all the teachers at Grow With Us for molding me into the best parent possible, a more emotionally conscious individual and for wiring my child’s brain for success forever!

With much gratitude and love,

— Michele Gust

I visited Grow With Us with the intentions of enrolling my youngest son in their Extended Learning Care for 2 hours a day. After spending the first day with him there, I realized that GWUA was a unique school that incorporated what I felt is the most important aspect of early childhood education, Emotional & Social Development. I left that day, knowing that there was no other school doing what they were doing. I pulled my oldest son from his school and enrolled both my boys at Grow With Us. Doing this has positively impacted my family and I am very happy I made that decision. The administration and teachers teach with intent and they believe in children. The team is thoughtful, loving and warm. I speak highly of GWUA and I am proud to be part of their School Family.

— Melissa Crumpler

Grow With Us is a place where you leave your child and know he/she is physically and emotionally safe. The emotional intelligence that is learned here is a priceless gift they get to keep for a lifetime! If every child were given this gift, I believe there would be world peace.

— Arlene Matz-de Armas

Nothing is more important than my children’s social and emotional health, Grow With Us has helped us to connect with our children without the guilt that we used to associate with disciplining them. We believe in our children and now believe in ourselves.

— Joey & Gabi Souto

I’m so grateful to have found a school that so openly welcomes parents to be active participants in their child’s education. Volunteering the day in my daughter’s classroom was a deeply meaningful experience for both my daughter and myself.  I was able to see and experience what her day islike and make sense of what she had told me about her experience in class.  It was a beautiful bonding moment for me as a parent to experience a day in her life at school. Thank you!

— Melissa Greene

Thank you so much for making Learning Together such a fun and special experience for both Vicente and myself. As a new parent I was really looking for a place where I felt completely comfortable leaving my child for the first time. As soon as I took your parent/child classes I knew that Grow With Us was the perfect fit. The ongoing parent education that you offer has been life-changing for me personally and for our family. In addition to fostering the social/emotional development of its students, Grow With Us offers an incredible opportunity to learn and evolve as a parent and as a person. It is this component in particular that really sets Grow With Us apart from other preschools in the area. Thank you for loving Vicente, for keeping him safe, and for teaching him skills which will benefit him throughout his life. It has been a joy to watch him blossom since we first met Mindy and were introduced to Conscious Discipline in the fall of 2012.  With love,

— Julie & Victor Garcia

This school is by far superior to any learning center in Miami. Mindy Becker created an environment where children learn, explore, and socialize with proper guidance and care. The keyword here is “care.” Children need to be nurtured in order to succeed in cognitive, developmental, fine and gross motor skills. Grow with Us Academy provides the aforementioned and more! My daughter is flourishing after being bullied at her previous school and it is due to Mindy Becker’s genuine passion for kids, her expertise, and Conscious Discipline background, 20 years plus. Thank you for helping my child resurface from her horrible experiences at her previous school.

—  Natasha Bruck – Therapist

L.C.S.W A.S.W.B., C.C.R.T., I.F.M.C.P.