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Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on you, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best they can possibly be. – Rita F Pierson
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Transitional Program (18-32 Months)

** At this time we are not offering this program **

Are you interested in transitioning your child into a school setting where predictability, routines, rituals, and safety are at its core? The Learning Together program was first launched in 2012 to help both parents and children build a strong foundation for the beginning of a child’s academic career. It eases the transition for both parent and child in this unique twice a week, 10 week program.

We will begin Learning Together with a Parent Orientation Meeting, so you can walk confidently into our class with your child, knowing what will be coming next, which in turn will help them feel emotionally safe in the new environment.  The first 5 weeks are designed to prepare you both for the transition from home to school (or back to work). The parent and child go to class together for one hour where they learn in a playful environment how to:

  • encourage the child to get his or her wants and needs met appropriately
  • handle conflict effectively
  • help wire his or her brain for success
  • develop impulse control
  • de-stress
  • build lasting connections

The remaining 5 weeks consists of a two- hour class that provides an opportunity for a “child’s day out” (without the parent) to interact independently with adults you both have built connections with and new friends they have made in a fun-loving, safe, and predictable environment.

*Learning Together will now be offered exclusively for our school families who will be enrolling their child at Grow With Us Academy after attending Learning Together.  Additional parent/child classes open to the public coming soon!!

Dates: TBD

Cost: $850