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Aly & Brayden

IMG_0862I have attended grow with us workshops led by Mindy Becker. Mindy has a gift in presenting the material clearly and with contagious enthusiasm! I have come away with the desire to share the information with every parent that I meet, implement strategies that she shared, and have seen great success with my toddler. I would encourage any parent to attend her workshops.

What Mindy teaches through Grow With Us workshops is not just great parenting tips. It is the TOOL I have been looking for. It’s the recipe for being a great person and raising great people. Mindy has taught me how to be effective in parenting and life skills. What Mindy teaches has the power to change lives! For me, breathing techniques, positive verbiage and using a safe place for my son has been life changing.
Thank you Mindy for the work you do daily to touch and change the lives of so many!

  • Calendar icon December 19, 2014
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